Metaphoraging Roundup 2020

AS THE EARTH RETURNS IN its orbit to where it was last year, here is a look at the top ten posts The Metaphorager’s readers enjoyed (I hope) during the past twelve months:

My Favorite Jewish Joke – 80 Views
As it says. I have a couple of others; but this one, with its Hidden Truth, never fails to amuse and amaze.

How To Wash The Dishes – 53 views
A discipline drawn from months and years of twice-daily practice.

365 Names of God: “The Light of Eternal Mind” – 53 Views
Non-coincidentally, my favorite line from C.B.DeM.’s The Ten Commandments.

Why I Love: Geronimo Cat – 47 Views
“To absent friends.”

Soul Food (A Prosatio Silban Tale) – 45 Views
Finalist for the Subtle Non-Dualism in Culinary Fantasy award. (I invented that.)

Welcome to My World…Literally and Literarily – 43 Views
The second-shortest elevator pitch for my Across the Rimless Sea tales.

Free Metaphor: “Don’t Poke The Squid” – 38 Views
Words to live, or rather not die, by.

Words To Bring Back, Special Edition: “Wheeler” – 35 Views
In death, lexiconic immortality.

Prosatio Silban and the Last Meal – 34 Views
In which Our Hero disappoints a pair of would-be heirs.

Prosatio Silban and the Ignoble Noble – 30 Views
Any resemblance to persons living or otherwise is purely intentional.

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