It’s Called “Creating a Buzz”

O FELLOW CONNOISSEURS OF MYTHICAL fiction, please: Lend me your eyes.

For some years now, I have been writing occasional fantasy tales about Prosatio Silban: a mercenary cook (and reluctant holyman) in a far-off land containing a vast and disparate multitude of characters, peoples, cities, villages, religions, cultures, languages, landscapes and cuisines. The 40-odd stories so far completed vary in length from one-half to ten-and-a-half printed pages, with most ranging between three and five.

Especially given current events, I am not so much concerned with selling these tales as with writing them (“Do it for the buzz,” quoth Stephen King) and having people read them; if I can provide a few moments’ needed distraction for any/everyone, I will be a happy man. Thus, should the Universe so will, expect to see one posted here every Thursday morning until further notice. I have already published a near-dozen of the smaller pieces, plus ancillaries, including a preface and introduction). I hope you will enjoy them and, if so inclined, kindly spread the word.

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