Welcome to My World…Literally and Literarily

Prosatio Silban in his galleywagon / Illo (c) 2008 Alana Dill, http://youbecomeart.com Click to enlarge.

O Fellow Connoisseurs of Mythic Fiction (and Gastronomy), please: Lend me your eyes.

Since 2005, I have been writing occasional fantasy tales about Prosatio Silban: a mercenary cook (and reluctant holyman) in a far-off land containing a vast and disparate multitude of ancient and occasionally commingled peoples, cultures, religions, exiles, prophecies, and cuisines. The 40-odd stories so far completed (and 20-odd so far published here) vary in length from one-half to ten-and-a-half printed pages, with most ranging between three and five.

I am not so much concerned with selling these pieces as with writing them (“Do it for the buzz,” quoth Stephen King) and having people read them. Thus, should the Universe so allow, expect to see one posted here every Thursday morning until further notice. (You will also want the preface and introduction, as well as everything up to now [plus ancillary material].) The box at upper-left will enable you to receive them, via email, as they become available.

Please enjoy. And if you’re so inclined — kindly spread the word.

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