Metaphoraging Roundup: 2019

AND SO THE CIRCLE TURNS again, one more orbit of the Earth ’round the Sun; meaning it’s time for the media’s year-end lookbacks — a conceit from which The Metaphorager is not immune. As of this writing (two weeks ago), and according to WordPress’ built-in stats counter, here are our Top Posts of 2019 (with year of composition and page views):

Letter To A Dead Friend (2010) – 62 Views
Googling “letter to a dead friend” brings up many, many, MANY links. Must be a universal impulse. Mine was addressed to my dearly departed chaver, James “Sputnik” Gjerde: mystic, clown, psychic twin.

Endurance Test (2019) – 52 Views
Post-Poway, the roommate was concerned for my safety. This was my answer.

About/Contact (2009) – 38 Views
My CV and professional accolades. I hope they satisfied someone’s curiosity.

On Homo relator (w/ Special Guest Star John Wheeler) (2019) – 34 Views
We are the Storytelling Species, Avid Timebinders, and Conversational-Reality Surfers. Let’s own that.

Allegiance Considered (2010) – 34 Views
A better version of the Pledge of Allegiance (if I may say so) than the one I repeated with my classmates for twelve years (not counting kindergarten).

Free Metaphor: “Don’t Poke The Squid” (2011) – 29 Views
What happens if you disturb something that lurks and flashes.

Literal Myths (2019) – 24 Views
An outlier view of all those Heroes’ Journeys. (Did I say “outlier?” Meant “ought-to-be-mainstreamed.”)


Thy Hybrid Papa (2010) – 24 Views
A birthday list for my sister and the ages (not necessarily in that order).

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