Metaphoraging Roundup: 2018

IF A GOOD FRIEND HADN’T died this year and cured me of a years-long writer’s block, I wouldn’t be posting this.

But he did, so I am, proffering 2018’s Top 10 Viewed Pages and Posts at this writing:

1. Home page / Archives: (683 views) marks people who have happened by from seeing my URL posted in various places (including email .sigs, business cards, our local radio station and Facebook), and/or those exploring more than the seven posts visible on each “page.”

2. Fie on Death, and the Pale Horse He Rode In On (180) is John Wheeler’s cyber-eulogy, its link posted in numerous online fora where his friends could see it. I was both honored and trepidacious to write it, since I hadn’t actually written anything of consequence since 2011 or thereabouts. (Thanks, John. I owe you one.)

3. Letter To A Dead Friend (51) is a not-quite-another-eulogy; it’s a post I wrote in 2010 to a friend who had the poor fortune to die sixteen years ago today. Who knew it could be found, among so many others, by Googling the title?

4. Words To Bring Back, Special Edition: “Wheeler” (48) is one in the “Words To Bring Back” series. We often used this term when Mr. Wheeler was still alive; I hope we use it now even more.

5. 5 Thoughts: Religious Agnosticism (41) is a sort of “first principles” manifesto detailing, among other things, the difference between religion and spirituality.

6. And On, And On (35) was written as a response to October’s Pittsburgh murders. It also appeared as a letter-to-the-editor in several newspapers; I’m told it helped some of us cope (at least a little), for which I am deeply grateful.

7. What is “Experiential Holiness?” (31) is an explanation of one of my 14 (count ’em!) header images. It’s also another mini-manifesto along the lines of the Religious Agnosticism post; if you liked that one, you’ll probably like this one too.

8. About (29) contains my CV and answers the musical question, “Who WROTE this stuff anyway?”

9: How To Wash The Dishes (27) dates from 2011 and is also something that apparently gets Googled from time to time. I like to think it’s the cream of the advisory crop, but who knows?

10: TIE: 5 Thoughts: The ORIGINAL Matrix and Seeing Her (26) The former is partly a long-awaited blowoff aimed at the popular movie franchise, which, it turns out, didn’t steal its concept from one of my 1990s-era performance-and-mail-art projects. (Intrigued?) The latter is a detailed and poetic account of a dream I had long ago of … what? Who? And most importantly .. why?

That’s about it. Happy (secular) New Year! and THANK YOU ALL FOR READING!

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