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Being Jewishly one moment at a time.


SO: INYOURHAND.ORG WAS THIS PROJECT I started when I was all hopped up on Prednisone following my 2002 cancer surgery/Grave’s disease bout. Inyourhand.org (along with the tagline “Be, Jewishly“) was devoted to teaching people about the mitzvot, the sacred obligations which bind Jews together and to that-which-some-people-call-God, or at least to Jewish tradition. I even made a T-shirt that had the inyourhand.org URL emblazoned on the back (along with the tagline “Be, Jewishly“), but I then went through a poor period where I could no longer afford to pay for hosting inyourhand.org. Thus, I never wore the inyourhand.org T-shirt (along with the tagline “Be, Jewishly“).

Minute Mitzvah: Praise Wow

And now, another Monday Mitzvah with a side of motivation. Today: Hold God in awe. THIS ONE’S TRICKY FOR ATHEISTS, so in the interests of universality, let’s assume we’re not talking about the Cranky Old Man raining smites and frights…

Minute Mitzvah: Free At Last

FOR THOSE INTERESTED, WE AT Metaphorager.Net present another Monday Mitzvah (and its backstory). Today: Tell the Exodus story on Passover. “Remember that you were slaves in the Land of Egypt” is Torah’s most-repeated commandment. But if we get hung up…

Minute Mitzvah: You Are How You Eat

TUESDAY’S NOT TOO LATE FOR a Monday Mitzvah, unless you’d rather read something else. Today: Don’t eat what’s not kosher (literally, “proper, fit”). Let’s correct two misconceptions: 1. Kosher is hygenic. 2. Kosher is rational. The basic rules from Leviticus…