And Now, A Word From (One Of) Our Sponsor(s)

AS SOME VERY GOOD PEOPLE have been very good to Ann & I during our Long Medical Night, I’d like to partly return the favor – and, hopefully, benefit the 30 or so people who read this blog.

In addition to being gracious hosts, entertaining guests and generally all-around wonderful folk, Marty and Laura Clein run an online company called Conscious Consignment. Based on eBay, CC specializes in Grateful Deadabilia, vintage art, books, CDs, comics, comix, sports and concert/festival merchandise as well as many one-of-a-kind, am-I-dreaming items. Actual quote (by me):

“You guys sell all THIS? COOOOOOOOL.”

With a score of 4765 (100% positive feedback), M&L are also registered eBay Trading Assistants — meaning that, Should The Need Arise, With Times Being What They Are, they can also help you sell your collectibles if you’re new to (or frustrated with) the online consignment game. (And remember — these are my friends, so please introduce yourselves.)

On eBay:

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