The author at play.

The author at play.

Neal Ross Attinson has worked at various times as a market research drone, spa attendant, printer’s devil, printer, bookseller (new and used), bike messenger, hawker, broadcaster, wedding officiant, and newspaper and tabloid reporter. (And that’s just what he’s been paid for.)

Neal’s news career began in 1995 at Santa Rosa radio station KSRO. While reporting for the Sonoma Index-Tribune between 1998 and 2003 he earned professional accolades from the National Newspaper Association; Society of Professional Journalists, Northern California; and the Sonoma County Press Club. He has also written for the Sonoma Valley Sun, North Bay Bohemian, Petaluma Argus-Courier, Novato Advance, PunkTorah.Org and jweekly; and was featured as a subject on KOME and KSVY and in jweekly and The Forward. (Clips available here.)

Since 2005, Neal has been crafting episodic short stories about a self-defrocked holyman who wanders a fantastic land, eking out a meager but honest living as a mercenary cook. Eighty-five of the resulting 100+ tales are now available as an e-book, The Cook For Any Price: Across the Rimless Sea. His other current interests include pararabbinics, skywatching, informed appreciation, productive daydreaming, recreational thinking, and all matters culinary.

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