Allegiance Considered


I pledge allegiance to the Constitution
of the United States of America
And to the ideal on which it stands:
One nation of individuals
Indivisibly intertwined
With liberty, justice and peace for all.

(P.S. — Pass it on.)

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3 Responses to Allegiance Considered

  1. Ann Clark on 2010.07.05 at 1021

    Well, I just might. Didn’t we talk about asking your students, each of them, to write his and her own version of the Pledge? Now there’s a class project waiting to happen…

  2. Ann Clark on 2010.07.04 at 1935

    I like this so much, and I like the way you really THINK about the words we say and the sentiments we express…pledging allegiance to the Constitution is a much clearer concept to me than pledging allegiance to a flag (no matter how much the sight of same flag touches me and makes me cry under certain circumstances).

    I also like the third blessing you’ve added to the final line. If children all over the world every morning recited a wish for “peace for all” would we someday come to work towards that goal?

    Thank you for inviting me to think about these things. [You just walked into the room or I would have come up with a far more eloquent word than "things."] ;-)


    • Neal on 2010.07.04 at 2151

      THANK you! As you know, “Bob,” I composed this years ago but couldn’t find the original; I think this is how it went. Anyway, it’s how it goes now. You may also recall that I composed it in partial response to the first Sunday-school student I had who asked me (as another has, so far) whether or not the Pledge was idolatry.

      “After all, it’s just a piece of cloth,” he said.

      “Yes,” I said, “but it’s a piece of cloth which stands for something.”

      “Then why don’t we pledge our allegiance to that?” he asked. And he’s right.

      As for your “blessing” idea: Amen. Why don’t you write one? (Ann’s blog is at, folks.)

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