Top 10 Metaphoragings: 2021

AND SO, AS OUR EARTH races to catch up to the orbital location arbitrarily assigned to “New Year’s Day,” let us pause and reflect on the year that’s passed (bloggishly speaking, anyway):

My Favorite Jewish Joke – 130 views
Far and away, the winner for Most-Viewed Post of 2021 was the one whose punchline is the simple but effective, “Moses, do whatever the hell you want.” (And no, that’s not a spoiler. It is, however, a trenchant understanding of / comment on Jewish practice.)

365 Names of God: “The Light of Eternal Mind” – 71 views
We’ve had a lot of fun with the “365 Names of God” series, including one of my own personal favorites.

Free Metaphor: “Don’t Poke The Squid” – 60 views
Sound advice, whether undersea or overland.

Fie on Death, and the Pale Horse He Rode In On – 37 views
The 2018 post that broke my seven-year writer’s block, and co-incidentally, my heart. In pace requiescat, John.

How To Wash The Dishes – 28 views
Dishwashing is one of the least evitable of human experiences. Here’s how you do it with peak efficiency and, dare I say, joy.

Keep It Under Your Hat – 24 views
One take on the latest rise of the so-called World’s Oldest Hatred.

365 Names: The Encounterable – 20 views
Another Godly moniker. This one is “house-made.”

Words to Bring Back: “Meme” – 19 views
Also a popular feature, in which I try to wrestle a word back to its original meaning. (“Good luck,” right?)

Welcome to My World … Literally and Literarily – 17 views
Part of the background to everyone’s favorite universe. And speaking of which …

Prosatio Silban and the Birthday Party – 17 views
In which Our Hero serves a handful of temporal relatives.

“… And Just Exactly What Is A Buopoth?” – 17 views
More Exilic Lands background, this one concerning the Cook For Any Price’s beloved metamorph.

(I have to ask: What was your favorite post?)

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