We’re All Americans, Dammit

I’VE SAID THIS BEFORE, BUT it’s more important now than ever:

“I pledge allegiance to the Constitution
Of the United States of America
And to the ideal on which it stands:
One nation of individuals
Indivisibly intertwined
With liberty, justice, and peace for all.”

(So help me, G?d. So help all of us.)

7 comments for “We’re All Americans, Dammit

  1. Kathryn Hildebrandt
    2022.07.04 at 1646

    Feh. I’m ashamed and horrified. I seriously want to expatriate to Greece.

    • 2022.07.04 at 2033

      I feels ya. And I don’t blame you one bit. We’re in an “abandon ship” moment, the likes of which I used to be glad we’d never have.

      And now we are.

      Why Greece?

      • Kathryn Hildebrandt
        2022.07.04 at 2038

        Greece is relatively cheap, and has pretty islands, plus a similar climate and food to what I grew up with in California. Minus the GMO crap. The people are said to be generally friendly, and everyone under 40 speaks English, because that’s when they started teaching English in the schools.

        • 2022.07.05 at 1546

          That does sound nice. Unfortunately, I have some ongoing medical issues, which would make an escape … problematic.

          • Kathryn Hildebrandt
            2022.07.05 at 1552

            Yeah, me too, truth be told. I’ve heard conflicting reports about the quality of medical care there. Certainly, my psychiatric issues could make it difficult to flit off to a whole other country by myself. I’d need a friend to come with me. I wonder, though, how much worse medical could be than this hellhole right here.

          • 2022.07.05 at 2118

            Well, there’s that.

  2. Richard Attinson
    2022.07.07 at 1029


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