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Works In Progress. The “typing” part of Writing — and the most challenging.

Five Summer Haiku

(THESE WERE WRITTEN JUNE 21 on the unnetworked “writing laptop,” which I only mention to explain the last verse and thank you for not skipping ahead. And now, this.) So soon the heat comes after long weeks of spring rain.…

Game of Life: Rules

THE UNIVERSE IS FULL OF “Learn Here” stickers, each with a different adhesive strength. Collect enough and you win. PS to my friend, Lillian, who says, “Define ‘enough’” — if you’re still collecting, you haven’t won yet.

21st Century Magritte

Fig. 1.

(Neither is this sentence a comment on your monitor’s display of some pixels or posphor-dots ordered in a JPG file of a digitally manipulated photograph of a blank sign obtained via txt2pic.com, which isn’t even a valid URL anymore. In fact, how do you know you’re reading this?)

A Sack Of Cashews

JINGLE. SLAM. 1978. THREE A.M. 7-Eleven. Very hungry. Looking for the little heat-lamp-warmed nut-variety display thing. Cashews are definitely NEEDED. NEEDED NOW. No hot nuts. Where are they? Slim Jims, jerky, rotating hot dogs, horoscopes? These are not hot nuts.…

2010 Roundup: Top Posts

IT’S DE RIGUEUR FOR NEWS outlets to wrap up the year with a look at their Big Stories, and we at Metaphorager.Net are no exception despite that we’re only a “news outlet” in the sense of “what’s news to me.”…

Days Like Doors

THERE ARE DAYS WHICH OPEN into unglimpsed circles that inspire and uplift. And there are days which close the heart like a fist. There are days when the angels sing within range of human ear And days when all you…