Word to Bring Back: “Amphitryon”

– Definition: (French) n. person with whom or at whose expense one dines

– Used in a sentence: My father is a well-known and gracious amphitryon.

– Why: Aside from its capitalized Greek origin (Amphitryon was, according to Sophocles, a king of Thebes and companion to Heracles), famed 18th-century gastronome J.A. Brillat-Savarin is wholly enamored of its use in his seminal Physiology of Taste wherein it is synonymous with “host.” (If you’re going to steal, steal from the greats. Especially if they stole it first.)

1 comment for “Word to Bring Back: “Amphitryon”

  1. Kathryn L Hildebrandt
    2022.08.08 at 1403

    I like it. It can be the first Greek word I learn for when I move to Greece.

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