Exercise (A Prosatio Silban Amuse-Bouche)

“CONVINCE ME,” SAID THE outlander, “why I or anyone should believe in the Flickering Gods.”

“That is something I cannot do,” Prosatio Silban said, setting before her a bowl of rich vegetable soup. “I myself do not believe in them, either.”

“What?” came the astonished reply. “But you are one of the most religious men I know! You pray constantly, are well-versed in your faith’s teachings, and follow its tenets scrupulously. How can you disbelieve in the very gods you claim to serve?”

The cook-errant smiled. “Because rather than believing in them,” he said with utter calm, “I experience them.”

(If you’re new to these tales, here are the preface and introduction. And if you want the first 85 stories in one easy-to-read package, here’s the e-book!)

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