Next (A Prosatio Silban Amuse Bouche)

“I’VE BEEN MEANING TO ASK you – what exactly is the Pure City of the Uulian afterlife?”

The question was posed to Prosatio Silban one day by an old friend hailing from the distant Pastori-lands. As the query was both genuine and innocent, the cook-errant took his respectful time before replying.

“You must know that the urban ideal is revered not only in the Commonwell’s Three Cities, but its Thousand Villages as well,” he said. “Civilization is the birthright of all Uulians no matter what their station, and what could more typify civilization than a great city with all its interlocking infrastructures?

“But a city is more than just buildings and their attendant features. Those who hope to dwell in the Pure City also long to have there what to call uniquely theirs, especially if that is lacking on this side of the grave. For what is an afterlife, really, but a desire for what one has either lost or been denied?”

(If you’re new to these tales, here are the preface and introduction. And if you want another 85 stories in one easy-to-read package, here’s the e-book!)

3 comments for “Next (A Prosatio Silban Amuse Bouche)

  1. Kathryn Hildebrandt
    2022.05.19 at 0341

    Somehow, I pictured an afterlife as being transformed to someone unconcerned with the physical realm.

    • 2022.05.19 at 0937

      Ah — but you’re not an Uulian! 😉

      • Kathryn L Hildebrandt
        2022.05.20 at 2356

        Well…this is true.

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