Across The Rimless Sea: Folk

FOLLOWING ON THE INFORMATION REVEALED in “Who Is This Prosatio Silban, And What Does he Want?” here is a chart listing the Exilic Lands’ inhabitants. It’s meant as a quick reference rather than a last word.

Attentive readers will recognize some of what’s named herein but may or may not have light shed thereby, so: the Xao, Xai and Xax are, like the Aydnzmri and Mazei, descended from the “Antecedents” whose millennia-ago war broke the Exilic Lands (and first gave them that name); but unlike their more refined counterparts, reverted to barbarism. The Uulians came from across the Rimless Sea and healed the Lands in partial accordance with Xao/Xai/Xax prophecy, but instead of leaving as the Xao/Xai/Xax expected built the Three Cities of the Uulian Commonwell (cosmopolitan Soharis, epicurean Pormaris, and stony-hearted Tirinbar), which — with their Thousand Villages — lie along the River Reaching. As you may imagine, the politics between the peoples are “… complicated.”

Other notes for the curious: The Treeborn, Delvers and Pastori are modeled on elves, dwarves and hobbits (remember, this was a D&D world once — hence also the listing for “priestly mana acquisition,” an in-game spellcasting necessity). The Azonei and Siddis (look for whom in future stories) are more or less human but live in the Exilic Lands as resident aliens. (In a sense, though, so does everyone else.)

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