Around The Rimless Sea: Folk

FOLLOWING ON THE INFORMATION REVEALED in “Who Is This Prosatio Silban, And What Does he Want?” here is a chart listing the Exilic Lands’ inhabitants. It’s meant as a quick reference rather than a last word.

Attentive readers will recognize some of what’s named herein but may or may not have light shed thereby, so: the Xao, Xoa and X are, like the Aydnzmri and Mazei, descended from the “Old Men” whose ancient war broke the Lands, but unlike their more refined counterparts reverted to barbarism. The Uulians came and healed the Lands in partial accordance with Xao/Xoa/X prophecy, but instead of leaving as Xao/Xoa/X expected built the Three Cities of the Uulian Commonwell (Soharis, Pormaris and Tirinbar, which lie along the River Reaching). As you may imagine, the politics between the peoples are “… complicated.”

Other notes for the curious: The Treeborn, Delvers and Pastori are modeled on elves, dwarves and hobbits (remember, this was a D&D world once — hence also the listing for “priestly mana acquisition,” a spellcasting resource). The Azonei and Siddis (look for whom in future stories) are more or less human but live in the Exilic Lands as resident aliens. On the other hand, so does everyone else…

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