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The current plan (and behind-the-scenes task) involves formatting all 90+ Prosatio Silban stories for an independently published paperback and e-book titled Across the Rimless Sea; as a size comparison, the collection so far (‘prox. 137,000 words / 400 pages) is a bit longer than J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Return of the King.

By the process of editing and placing these tales in a specific narrative order, many have/will become substantially different from what you’ve seen here. Meanwhile, I will continue the story-a-week schedule to fulfill your Thursday mythopoetic needs.

Thank you for your patronage; it means a lot to me. And may the All-Mother watch over you!

4 comments for “We Interrupt This Blog …

  1. Hildebrandt, Kathryn Lynn
    2021.04.12 at 1304

    Very cool! I no longer need worry about which ones I’ve missed, and I will have context, from the chronological ordering. Almost as good as binge-watching Star Trek!

    • 2021.04.12 at 1408

      Well, that’s one sale … 😉 Seriously, though: thanks for your support!

    • 2021.04.12 at 1411

      I see why you didn’t get my reply re: the sysadmin post: it’s not the same email address as you’re subscribed under. (For security’s sake, it’s the one beginning with “y”.)

      • Hildebrandt, Kathryn Lynn
        2021.04.12 at 1558

        Ah ha! I do switch the email addresses back and forth. Interesting that it’s a problem for WordPress. Most handle it by sending duplicate emails, instead of none.

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