Molte Scuse, Slicha and Oopsie…

…FOR THE 20+ OLD POSTS which suddenly hiccoughed at you tonight. We are working on the problem, but meanwhile, please accept my apologies for the mass confusion.

UPDATE (2101.10): Still no clue as to what happened or why, but the literary dike is no longer leaky. Hope you enjoyed the show…

4 comments for “Molte Scuse, Slicha and Oopsie…

  1. Scott Rowe
    2021.01.10 at 1325

    It was exciting and confusing, but at least it was a bunch of stuff I hadn’t read before! What a bonus!

    • 2021.01.10 at 1437

      I’m glad you enjoyed it! Makes the embarrassment a bit easier to handle. 😉

  2. Kathryn Hildebrandt
    2021.01.10 at 1947

    Yeah, that was fun. Ten years ago, definitely hadn’t seen them before.

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