So: We’re at CVS just now, about an hour after I wrote “And On, And On,”, waiting our turn at the pharmacy, when this woman sits down next to me and says, “I’m very sorry about what happened in Pittsburgh.” (This, after she circled around where we were sitting in what I had assumed was a somewhat suspicious manner.)

We talked a few minutes about what happened and why; she asked me about the Sonoma Jewish community, told me her feelings about the current White House occupant, and couldn’t have been nicer or more compassionate.

Sometimes, it pays to wear a yarmulke.

UPDATE:IT HAPPENED AGAIN. I was in the checkout line at Whole Foods the next afternoon (10/29) when the guy ahead of me (30s, baseball cap, shorts & T-shirt) turned around and said “My thoughts and prayers are with your community. God bless you all.” We chatted a bit about how no one should be targeted for their religion in this country, at this time, and I thanked him profusely for his kind words. #GoodPeopleAreEverywhere

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