VISITORS TO THE METAPHORAGER MAY notice that it’s formatted in two columns — the wide right-hand one with posts, the narrow left one with other stuff. In the spirit of “obnoxious self-aggrandizement,” here’s a quick top-down guide to the “other stuff”:

SEARCH: Cast a virtual net for your favorite in-blog keyword(s); simply type it/them in the provided space and hit “Enter.”

RECEIVE: Input your email address and click “Subscribe” to spice your inbox with our Monday and Thursday publishings (as well as occasional off-schedule goodies like the one you’re reading now).

Jump To: Fictions / Fables / Epigrams: Three literary points of departure: the first links to prose (and occasional poetry) of varied length; the second, fantasies of the Cook For Any Price; the third is a work-in-progress of over a hundred original one- or two-line bits of acquired wisdom.

RELEVANCIES: Five posts algorithmically related to the top article in the right-hand column (on the front page, it’s the one under the top post).

REFERENTS Artfully named tags leading to a themed variety of articles. The bigger the tag, the more articles it points to.

REWIND: A drop-down catalog of all posts by month and year.

RECENT: This month’s posts.

– Bits and “Bobs” that I felt were important to share, including my Creative Commons license, a plug for the “I Write Like” website and an explanation of The Metaphorager’s curious logo.

That’s it. Have fun exploring!

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