Toward A Topography Of Dreams

THIS IS LESS A POST than an invitation to share hidden landscapes.

Within the past year or so, and due partly to an almost chronic drowsiness, I began noticing that a significant number of my dreams are set in a handful of recurring locations. The dreams themselves are not repetitious; that is, the circumstances within each setting is different, but the settings themselves are the same — lending to the experience a curious sense of permanence or visitation:

– At (a) Renaissance Pleasure Faire, in the large tree-bordered parking lot; the Faire often recedes as I approach, or is over by the time I make it inside
– A bustling airport, to which I arrived via BART, and whose airplanes have couch seating
– Beach resort alongside a straight highway
– “The towns south:” a forested drive through a number of small California towns, eventually leading to a series of Southern California beach resorts
– High rise hotel with a series of terraced balconies; restaurant at the top
– The Endless Cemetery (ornate crypts & sarcophagi)
– An unknown suburb of Sonoma, sometimes on fire
– Back corridors of the world’s biggest shopping mall

Am I the only one with assigned seating? What are your recurring dreamscapes?

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