Things Missed (80s)


GENERIC FOOD. FOND MEMORIES OF shopping the Lucky’s store in Concord c. 1981 wherein a vast wall of white and yellow cans, boxes and bottles severally proclaimed “COLA.” “CIGARETTES.” “CHILI.” “DOG FOOD.” “BREAKFAST CEREAL.” “ART.” (That last is ironic, but if they’d only let in Andy Warhol and a big Sharpie we could’a had us a time.)

(For that matter, I also miss “Repo Man.”)

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4 Responses to Things Missed (80s)

  1. Alan K Lipton Toopoint-Oh on 2010.10.28 at 1042

    The supplement section in the mega pharmacy was great, too: “EYES,” “SKIN,” “LUNGS,” “NAILS”…

  2. Betty Fjeldheim Clark on 2010.10.27 at 1601

    and “Book”.

  3. Alana on 2010.10.27 at 1515

    i love big hair. I miss big hair. and I know that big hair will return.

  4. Patricia Ann Clark on 2010.10.27 at 1421

    Plus, the shoulder pads made my hips look smaller.

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