Seeing Her

ALL I REMEMBER NOW ARE images, and the intimate passion of an infinite love.

I remember the room of globes, of maps of worlds and wonders, soft with pillows and draped scarves. And She was there. And She knew me. And loved me. And told me I was Her own and always would be — “but it is not yet your time to be with Me.”

And She kissed me.

Her words, warm as her arms, were now cutting ice. I cried, I begged — I think I wailed. “No! Don’t leave me! Please! No!”

She told me she would see me again, one day. “I will not leave you. But you cannot be with me. Yet.”

I awoke sobbing, but comforted in Her absence — oh so small, and cold, next to Her presence! — by the knowledge that She loves me best of all Her lovers (although She loves all her lovers this way). And so I sit by the open window in springtime, listening for Her voice.

And still She walks the hidden retreats, where a ghost of love wraps me like a veil, like a scarf hung in a room full of globes where my Lady waits for me.

One day.

(They say every poet is slipped a glimpse of the Muse unadorned and transcendent, triumphant and radiant, loving, intimate and wise. I don’t know if this qualifies, but I dreamed this, as vividly as a sunset breeze, when I was 17 or 18. And I have never forgotten it.)

4 comments for “Seeing Her

  1. Tom Moran
    2018.10.07 at 0929

    That was beautiful. I, too, have had dreams that feel like a blessing or a connection to something very deep. Thanks for this.

    • 2018.10.08 at 0916

      Thank you. I think such things are universal among the “children of Earth.” I’ve never had another dream like that one, although I have had some as vivid. (I should blog about those sometime.)

  2. Alana
    2019.02.12 at 2036

    This is beautiful! I’m blessed to remember so many of my dreams, even though some are nightmares. I can think of four or five that have shaken my world or affirmed deep truths.

    • 2019.03.21 at 1358

      Don’t you love when that happens? I once dreamed I was in a gunfire-filled combat zone that was so vivid I peered cautiously out the front door when I went to retrieve the morning paper. WEIrd…

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