Pithyism #23

ALL GREAT TRUTHS WERE ONCE heresies, but not all heresies become Great Truths.

N.B. I might have inadvertently nicked this from someone else, but ISTR specifically coining it after some New Age sweetness-and-lightster tried to convince Sputnik and I to junk our cars and levitate instead

2 comments for “Pithyism #23

  1. 2010.09.26 at 1831

    I still think that’s possible!

  2. 2010.09.27 at 0939

    I don’t disagree, but should I need groceries I suspect it’ll take longer to learn how to levitate than to hop in the car. (Besides: I’m holding out for a flying carpet, seeing as how the jetpack thing didn’t work out.)

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