A Prosatio Silban Amuse-Bouche: Balance

“WHEN IT COMES TO DINING, the quality of the food isn’t the only concern,” Prosatio Silban explained, sliding diced potato into an oil-slick skillet and spreading the cubed tuber evenly with a satisfying hiss. “I have cooked gourmet dinners for wealthy patrons whose pleasure derived more from novelty than savor, and prepared simple pots of rude porridge for poorer folk who savored and drew life from every tiny bite. What’s interesting is the customer’s approach – are they merely Eating, or are they Dining? Fortunes have been lost by those who didn’t know the difference. It’s an old, old game.”

Who’s “Prosatio Silban,” you may ask? Here’s a partial answer: http://metaphorager.net/tag/prosatio-silban/.

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