Ask Me Another

IT’S HARD TO STAND OUT from the billions of people using social media — but you can do it in a small way, at least among friends.

I’m speaking as a self-appointed Facebook Questioner, posing queries every Monday through Friday mornings. The questions are widely varied, e.g., “What is your language of love?” “What are you listening to?” “How would you accessorize your personal action figure?” “What qualities do you (try to) cultivate?” “Dubbing or subtitles?” “What’s your instant-relaxation strategy?”

Answers range from lighthearted to dead-serious. It always surprises me to see the oddball questions, like “Who remembers the milkman?” or “Define ‘cool'” or “What’s your favorite cereal-box prize?” eliciting the greater number (and length) of responses. For example, the question “What’s your favorite invertebrate?” reaped the following: “Does Mitch McConnell count as an invertebrate?” “Octopus!!!!! They are smart… super smart. They have emotional intelligence. They are sensitive, curious and recognize people. They are delightful creatures. Once I learned more about them, I refused to eat them.” “Nudibranchs (sea slugs) because they are so very fancy. Tardigrades because they’re nigh-indestructible. Dragonflies because nothing that beautiful should also kill mosquitoes, yet here we are.”

It’s a fine hobby. What would you like to ask?

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