5 Thoughts: The ORIGINAL Matrix

1. WHILE I DON’T BEGRUDGE THE siblings Wachowski their success, and I don’t really believe they stole my idea, as the first populizer of something called “The Matrix” I feel I must firmly and finally speak my piece.

2. Make a circle with a dot in the center. The dot represents you. Within the circle is the sum of your knowledge. Outside the circle is the vasty unknown. The circle itself? I call that The Matrix.

3. This simple reality-diagram was created by me c. 1990, long before the first installment of the popular film series, as part of the work I did for Obscure Research Labs. The Matrix is a place of memory (did I unplug the toaster?), faith (I’ve never been to Tucson, but I believe it exists), and supposition (the picture you form of the person writing this). It’s how and where we account for everything outside our direct perception. And tapping into it can be powerful and dangerous; it is the realm of poet and demagogue, of myth and metaphor. Navigating it takes both skill and determination.

4. Not having seen the popular film series (I can be spiteful sometimes), I have no idea how much the Wachowski Matrix resembles or differs from ORL’s version. If you do, I invite you to kindly and gently clue me in.

5. But remember: We were here first.

5 comments for “5 Thoughts: The ORIGINAL Matrix

  1. Bill Ernoehazy
    2018.11.20 at 0517

    Cut me some Slack… /innocent look

  2. bernard j rizzo
    2018.11.20 at 0742

    IMHO, the only thing that is similar/the same is the word “Matrix”. Their concept of The Matrix and yours is completely different. Theirs is an entire virtual world where you are completely unaware that your existence is “fake” based on computer code. It seems to me that your concept of the Matrix is what you can physically know. What you have physically experienced. Personally. Anything outside that is a concept or “thing” that you may or may not accept as real based on your own lack of personal experience. Gravity is in your personal matrix as you feel it’s effects everyday. The planet Mars “may” be in your Matrix because you can see it and see evidence of it. “God” is not in your personal Matrix because this is an article of faith (unless God has spoken with you or has interacted in such a way as to give you enough evidence of its existence. The movie? None of it is “real” as it is all code pumped into your head. Yet, it would fit your concept of personal matrix in that each person interacts with the code thereby simulating (without their knowledge) an actual interaction. You would not know the difference.

    I urge you to watch just the first one. You are missing a rousing, thought provoking story with incredible special effects. It is visually stunning. There is a plot hole so big as to sink the Titanic and I’d love to get your spin on that but take time, sit down and watch it. You will not regret it.

    • 2018.11.20 at 0748

      You have given me food for thought. I’ll have my people look into it.

  3. Alana
    2018.11.23 at 1748

    The Matrix movie is fun. It’s different. You really only need to see the first one. Cloud Atlas is better in my opinion.

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