5 Thoughts: Religious Agnosticism

0. EVERYONE HAS BELIEFS/KNOWLEDGE about the nature of the (inner) world; while I don’t much like labels attached to such things it seems fitting to call mine “Religious Agnosticism.” Here’s a handful of relevant definitions (partly because a handful of anything is all we ever have):

1. Religion: Structured spirituality. A patterned life of ritual, kindness and service.

2. Spirituality: An apprehension of the interconnectedness of all things, and a realization that consciousness (in all forms, in all beings) is inherent to the Universe.

3. Agnosticism: A comfortable ambiguity regarding the “true” nature of interconnectedness and consciousness.

4. Interconnectedness: That which is.

5. Consciousness: That which knows it is.


5 comments for “5 Thoughts: Religious Agnosticism

  1. Alana
    2018.07.26 at 0120

    I just don’t know. My brain knows some things, my intuition knows other things, maybe I have a soul and maybe it’s just my soul imagining it has itself. I have no proof for any of it and science says we might not even exist (then how are we having effects? How big is time? Is there any relative difference between my brief flash of electricity and a quark? It’s 1:19:25 a.m. But it’s a completely nother time everywhen else, and then there’s the not-time around it.

    Jeez, you’re still doing this to my mind 42 years later.

  2. 2018.08.09 at 1705

    I’m good with everything except your definition of spirituality because . . . damn you! It’s too broad for me to scoff at. Your definition renders me “spiritual” and I loathe that.

    Interconnectedness is very broad too. Might throw in “interact” in some general way that will annoy me appropriately.

  3. 2018.08.09 at 1711

    Alana, you exist. You are an observable mass within the physical universe.
    Experimental Science absolutely says that you exist, absolutely. It’s the damn theorist poseurs trying to conflate theories with no supporting evidence fucking with your head that says otherwise.
    Here’s how you can tell, I think this is from ancient Egypt but I dunno fersure:
    Hold out a finger (okay, that one) — that’s one dimension. Now hold a finger from your other hand perpendicular to it. Good, that’s two dimensions. Curl one of the fingers around the other, that’s three dimensions and it took some duration of time to perform this feat. You have proven without question that you exist in three spatial and one temporal dimension. There could be more, but if there are, they’ve curled into tiny balls that won’t bother if you don’t let them.
    42. Nice.

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