365 Names of God: The Force

THE FORCE is a non-anthropomorphic term, but to a purist like me, so is “God.” It could be argued that since the Force is created by all living beings, rather than the reverse (at least, the reverse from a mythic perspective) that it should not be included here. But according to dialog from the Star Wars films, the Force does have a particular will and is vital (puntended) for sustaining life. I think The Force is certainly Godlike to the degree that it warrants inclusion.

Once upon a time, The Metaphorager aspired each day one year to feature a different name for that-which-some-people-call-God. Some were creative, others traditional, each unique; so we’re going to attempt that again (though not, perhaps, every day) until we run out of the more than 40 names we’ve collected so far. If you want to see your favorite here, but haven’t, send it along with the subject line “365 Names” and let us know whether or not you want to be credited.

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