Why 365 Names of God?

Why not? Well, the folks at Make Something Every Day And Change Your Life (http://makesomething365.blogspot.com/) crossed my path, and where the whim goeth, goeth I. Names are sourced from:

1. Traditional religions
2. Science fiction, fantasy, autobiography or other literature
3. The author’s brain and/or territories thereof
4. Reader submissions (send with attribution to scoop@sonic.net, subject “365 Names”)

Among other things, I hope to show the universality of the God-concept: an individual or cultural belief in or knowledge of Something or Someone transcendent, creative, monistic, final and above all Mysterious. Partly, I hope to dissolve walls by making them more distinct; also, as Lower North America seems to be calling for a new Dark Age, I want to show that no one has a monopoly on “God.” (Better still: that everyone’s an expert.)

Follow this project at http://metaphorager.net/tag/365-names-of-god/.

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