365 Names: God-Who-Sees

GOD-WHO-SEES is, in spite of titling a music video, also a fairly accurate descriptor of the non-dual mindstate: “All is seen, but No-thing is seen,” as one seeker-after-the-Divine put it. The Hebrew version, “El Roi” (lit.: “G?d Who sees me“) comes from Genesis 16:13; it’s what Abraham’s concubine Hagar said during her first Divine encounter — after Abraham’s wife Sarah kicks Hagar out of the family tent, and before she gives birth to Abraham’s son Ishmael. Per that, it’s also a nice reminder that just because we may feel far from the Mystery, the Mystery is not far from us. Something to keep in mind as these strange, strange days continue their origami-like unfolding.

Once upon a time, in 2011 in fact, The Metaphorager aspired each day to feature a different name for that-which-passes-for-God. Some were creative, others traditional, each unique; so we’re going to attempt that project again (though not every day) until we run out of the names we’ve collected so far. If you want to see your favorite here, but haven’t, send it along with the subject line “365 Names” and let us know whether or not you want to be credited.

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