365 Names: Flow

FLOW is preferred to The Flow, since “the” suggests separateness — “Thingness,” if you will — and as Flow cannot be reliably distinguished from that-which-flows, said usage would upset “the” carefully built phenomenological apple-cart. (And we certainly can’t have that.) Just another attempt at naming the Nameless…without naming it, of course.

Once upon a time, The Metaphorager aspired to feature a different name each day for that-which-passes-for-God. Some of these were creative, others traditional, each unique; so we’re going to attempt that again (though not every day) until we run out of the many names we’ve so far managed to collect. If you want to see your favorite here, but haven’t, send it along with the subject line “365 Names” and let us know whether or not you want to be credited.

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