Prosatio Silban and the Proportional Mystery


Prosatio Silban was sitting, chin in hand, at one of his galleywagon’s two tables-and-chairs in cosmopolitan Soharis’ eastern marketplace, watching potential customers walk by and wondering what he could do to tempt them into spending some time (and coin!) at his portable establishment.

Keep It Under Your Hat

IT PAINS ME ON SEVERAL levels to do this, but I am currently wearing a fisherman’s cap over my kippah.

The reason is simple — a dear friend sincerely and greatly fears for my safety in an era where Jews are being harassed, attacked, and beaten on the world’s streets. I respect her opinions and feelings. So I am honoring them.

In truth, I am of (at least) two minds about this issue. I first donned a full-time yarmulke in March of 2000 for a variety of reasons, one being my belief that, following a local antisemitic incident, we needed to become more visible, not less. I still feel that way. Covering my headgear feels a little like “letting the terrorists win.”

Prosatio Silban and the Evasive Death


Where am I? Prosatio Silban thought.

He tried to make his voice work, but couldn’t find or even feel his throat. In fact, his entire body seemed to be missing.

What am I?

Only silence answered; a silence so profound that he felt part of it, that he was it.

Am I?

He had no answer to that question, nor to the next one.

FINALLY. (Magnum Opus Remix)

SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS: The Cook For Any Price: Across the Rimless Sea is now an e-book.

A limitless THANK YOU! to everyone who has read piecemeal this 124,671-word collection of 80-odd Prosatio Silban tales over the past several years; I could not have gotten this far without your generous encouragement. Special thanks also to Ann (editor, spur, and fellow sailor), Ransom (gracious answerer of pesty questions), Alana (nifty cover artist), and Howard and Jean (exemplary inspirations).

This free-for-now e-volume is available in multiple e-formats (including PDF and HTML) from multiple e-retailers, including my e-publisher, Smashwords. (Need an e-reader? Download and install the free Adobe Digital Editions and/or Kindle for PC and/or Kindle for Mac utility, and have at.) B”H, the much-requested paperback edition will be in the offing once I master Amazon’s formatting system.

It’s great to have finally reached this point; I hope the long wait was worth it. Please enjoy!

Prosatio Silban and the Agreeable Disagreement

SOMETIMES, AND WITHOUT MEANING TO, religious faith can eat itself by blurring the lines between divine desires and human humbuggery.

By which is meant, O Patient Reader, that while the Flickering Gods always have a clear idea as to what They want, Their followers can (and often do) convince themselves that their gods want what they want.

Case in point: the village of Everfaire, situated on the dividing-line between lands administered by the city-state of Pormaris and those overseen by neighboring Soharis.

Read This (E)Book

THIS IS WHAT COMES FROM puttering about in a small morning with nothing else to do (thanks, PKD, for the reference): “Little-t truths for our and every time; a considerable consideration of considerings.”

Pithyisms is, thanks to Smashwords, my second published e-book — a collection of 100+ original sayings that I have been letting drop here and there over the years. It is available in multiple formats, free of charge (at least for now), and at this writing (2105.23) is a “Featured New Release” to boot. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did composing it.

Prosatio Silban and the Sacreantal Reflex

IT BEGAN WITH A SIMPLE question: “What is the most challenging place you’ve ever visited?”

“The place where I learned not to drink,” Prosatio Silban replied, raising a glass of blue duliac.

“But you are drinking now!” pointed out his interlocutor.

“Yes – but no spirit other than duliac, and never now to excess,” said the beefy cook. “Allow me to relate to you the circumstances, which took place more than a quarter-century ago. I had just left the Sacreanthood, and the Uulian Commonwell entirely, and was looking for the next chapter of my personal story. I was also sorrowful over having recently met – and lost – the love of my life, and so decided to go to a place I had never been but of which I had often heard: many-fabled M’zir, home of inscrutable Intuids, masterful weavers, and abundant yava-brewers…”