5 Thoughts: Toward a Relational Taxonomy

0. THAT’S MY $5-WORDS WAY TO describe a long-held observation regarding how and why people get along together — and sometimes don’t.

1. Here it is: I believe we can interact with each other in one of three ways: Click, Anti-Click, and Clickless.

Prosatio Silban and the Success Victim

AS THE TALL MAN TOTTERED toward Prosatio Silban’s galleywagon, which that afternoon was set up in the market at the sprawling village of Longshadow, the Cook For Any Price was about to stow his tables-and-chairs. After one look at the approaching figure, however, he thought better of it and fixed on his face his most professional smile.

“With what may I please you?” he asked.

“You may take me with you when you go,” came the quavering reply.

Prosatio Silban raised one eyebrow. “I beg your pardon?”

Be not ashamed to learn truth from any source.”
— Rabbi Shlomo ibn Gabirol (1021-1058)

Prosatio Silban and the Speedy Feasts

IN THE WRONG HANDS, EVEN a small dose of thwarted authority could grow into a voracious lust for revenge.

Our tale begins one night at Pelvhi’s Chopping-House, where everyone who was anyone in the Pormaris hospitality-world repaired after-hours for commiseration and shop-talk. The Cook For Any Price was at the smoky room’s long rear bar, sipping from his second glass of white duliac and chatting with the tavern’s namesake, when one of his favorite grilled-meat-on-a-skewer vendors strolled up, shaking her head and sighing.

“I never thought I would have lived to see such treacherous days,” she said.

Words To Bring Back: “Daresay”

– Definition: v., archaic used to indicate that one believes something is probable.

– Used in a sentence: I daresay we need to get out the vote this November, or all will be lost.

– Why: You could always and instead use the more commonplace “suppose,” I suppose, but why be common? Flex those archaisms and focus your listeners’ attention!

Prosatio Silban and the Integrated Pests

(Story idea, with thanks, by Ann Clark.)

SOME TROUBLES ARE ONLY small – if not in importance, then at least of stature.

Whistling a tuneless melody, Prosatio Silban bustled about inside his galleywagon in anticipation of a healthy Pormaris breakfast-crowd. He propped open the lid of his coldbox, marveling (not for the first time) at the magikal waist-high contrivance’s larger internal dimensions as he ticked off the usual inventory.

Fidget-hen eggs. Cow’s milk. Butter. Uncured pig-lizard belly, he thought, placing each item on the preparation-counter behind him. And now, for the potatoes, onions, bread and other meal products.

He closed the lid, opened his pantry doors, and gasped.

Our Hero Returns!

IT’S BACK TO THE EXILIC Lands for our dauntless and resourceful holyman-turned-mercenary-cook, where he seeks rewards both profitable and profound in a world unlike any you’ve ever visited. The forty-five new stories in More Commonwell Tales pick up where Across the Rimless Sea left off, carrying Prosatio Silban’s saga forward with history, pathos, comedy, disaster, fame, romance — even a quest or two. Download your free copy today!