Happy 2019!

MAY THE ARBITRARY DIVISION OF Earth’s orbit into 365.25 units find you better off now than you were last time we reached this point on the circle’s rim — and not nearly as good as you will be next time.

N. B.: Starting today, The Metaphorager will be switching from a daily to a semi/thrice-weekly publishing schedule (new stuff Monday and Thursday, something archival Saturday night or Sunday morning). I was so jazzed about regaining my “voice” last July that I began valuing quantity over quality — a rookie move, I know, but a seductive one. Thank you for reading this far, and here’s to a wordy 2019!

Death steals everything except our stories.”
Jim Harrison

Truth v. Lies

SOME TIME AGO, I HAD a Facebook encounter with a dear friend who’s something of an Evangelical Atheist. It all started when another dear friend posted the following “meme” to my “wall:”


To which my atheist friend replied:

Alas, some lies, too. And little explanation of how to sift one from the other.

Metaphoraging Roundup: 2018

IF A GOOD FRIEND HADN’T died this year and cured me of a years-long writer’s block, I wouldn’t be posting this.

But he did, so I am, proffering 2018’s Top 10 Viewed Pages and Posts at this writing:

1. Home page / Archives: (683 views) marks people who have happened by from seeing my URL posted in various places (including email .sigs, business cards, our local radio station and Facebook), and/or those exploring more than the seven posts visible on each “page.”

2. Fie on Death, and the Pale Horse He Rode In On (180) is John Wheeler’s cyber-eulogy, its link posted in numerous online fora where his friends could see it.

Eats: Freeform Chicken Meatballs with Carrots and Yogurt Sauce

Click to enlarge.

THIS COMES FROM EPICURIOUS.COM, A foodie website whose daily emails are proffered hand-in-glove with that other Conde Nast staple, Bon Appetit. Their recipes are a something of a cut above basic cookery, just challenging enough to stretch your fledgling cook-wings yet delicious enough to make the effort rewarding. This meal well illustrates that principle; I have made it twice now, and while it is starting to come easier I still sweat the coordination a bit. (But that just means being more mindful, and when is that a bad thing?)

“Same To You” Redux

SOME YEARS AGO, I POSTED about a stress-free method for dealing with people who wish you a happy holiday-outside-your-affinity-group. In that spirit, I proffer it again for anyone who, like me, neither celebrates Xmas nor wishes ill on anyone who does. May the appropriate winter light-celebration exceed your expectations, and be filled with more joy than you know what to do with.

AMERICA IS A PLACE WHERE Jewish merchants sell Zen love beads to agnostics for Christmas.”
John Burton Brimer