HAPPY SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR APPRECIATION DAY! In our case, that would be those wonderful folks at, whose founders we’ve known since they built Santa Rosa Junior College’s first dialup Internet host as a class project in 1993ish and without whom there’d be no The Metaphorager (among others). O Gallant Knights of the Cables Etheric, Slayers of Spam and Kibitzers of Kludge; Nobly-born Fighters Against Tedium, Keepers of the Causeways Electronic and Guardians of the Never-Ending Taskmasters. (szhhhhwip) I salute you. Keep the toasters flying!

5 comments for “Without These Guys, We’d All Be In Our Rooms For No Reason

  1. Kathryn Hildebrandt
    2021.01.10 at 1932

    Interesting! I was there starting in 1993-94, myself.

    • 2021.01.10 at 2104

      Did I know that? Were you living in SoCo then?

      • Hildebrandt, Kathryn Lynn
        2021.04.12 at 1308

        Yes, I was boarding at an 11-acre horse ranch in Fulton, which is just northwest of Santa Rosa.

        P.S. This thing is no longer notifying me when you respond to my comments, even though I “subscribe” and all that – so this is the first time I’ve seen this.

        • 2021.04.12 at 1407

          I did wonder at the lack of reply. Did you see this one?

          • Hildebrandt, Kathryn Lynn
            2021.04.12 at 1556

            Yes, this appeared in my email.

            Was this really ten years ago? Argh

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