Clam Shirt Sits

IT’S TIME FOR THE FAMILY gifting list, but since all I really want for the holidays is an idea for another blog post I now have that. (Thanks Stan!) However, my relatives are kindly pestering me for details, so here — reduxed from an earlier list — they are:

Fig. 1.

– A working lightsaber, phaser, jetpack, hovercraft, warp-capable spaceship or rubber-band machine gun
– Pair of blue jeans, size 36-29
– Pair of grey or khaki slacks, size 36-29
– Several black long-sleeved T-shirts, size L
– Socks, grey or black or white cotton
– A Blue Sun T-shirt
– A pea coat or brown duster (size L)
– One of them iPoddy iPaddy iPhoney things
– Flight lessons or why not just an ultralight?
– Canoe or kayak
– Backpack stove
– A gift certificate for Artscroll or Feldheim Books, Orion Telescopes or Archie McPhee
– A functioning national health-care system to keep from further falling through the crack
– A successful diagnosis of and treatment for chronic pain, nausea and dizziness
– Knowledge of and conversation with extraterrestrial sentience
– Or at least the discovery of some sort of extremophilic goo on Europa, or Ganymede, or Titan, or Mars
– A full set of TOS, DS9 and SW:CW DVDs
– Any Serenity/Firefly books or comix
– A fair and just solution to the Arab/Israeli conflict
– What the hell, all conflicts from international to intradomestic
– An end to militant ignorance, uncivil snark and attituder-than-thou vacuousness
– More compassion for everyone, by everyone
– Clarity of thought and perception
– Bring the boys (and girls, now war-weary men and women) back home
– Global high-tech green moneyless libertarianism

All and each of which are well substituted by a hug, smile or anchovy pizza. May we all be blessed by seeing what we already have — and what we can give to others.

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