Ship Geeks Ahoy

IF YOU’RE CURIOUS ABOUT LIFE on the other side of the foghorns, waste no time in clicking on — a global, scalable, real-time map of the world’s shipping traffic, from cargo and passenger vessels to navaids and tankers to tugs and pilots. Each is labeled with specifications, course and speed (if applicable) and destination. (Think of it as a very stately air-traffic control diagram. Which makes me wonder if there’s one for air traffic … clicketyclickety … yep: Cool. Limited, but cool.) With this in one window and the Califonia Highway Patrol’s dispatch logs in another, I feel like a secret peeker at the world’s gears.
(Thanks to Friend-of-the-Show Steve Marler for sliding this my way.)

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  1. 2011.02.09 at 0909

    Hi Neal. I use that system all of the time. Just last night I used it to find out who to blame for a false alarm that caused us to launch our fire boat. This morning, the Canadian Coast Guard is going to receive a less-than-amiable phone call from me about the antics of one of their patrol craft. ;o)

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