Reb Cat’s Yoga

THE STORY GOES THAT YOGA was first disclosed to an Indian prince by a cat who consented to teach the prince the secrets of feline flexibility. Whether or not that’s true, the cat who lives with Ann & I repeatedly teaches the following tranquility-yoga. The position is called “Sleeping Hand Cat,” and it goes like this:

1. “Let C = a comforting hand-shaped anthropomorphism” — i.e., of God, or Jesus, or Buddha, or your mom or dad, or whatever best evokes your own most watchful-and-protective self.* The literality of this visioning is not as important as the feeling.

2. Lay on your left side in the most comfortable manner with a firm but soft pillow under your head. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing until you’re in a relaxed state of awareness.

3. Imagine/visualize C as the pillow beneath your head. Really feel your head cradled and protected, as though nothing can get past your protector to harm you.

4. Continue until sleep overtaketh and give way to pleasant dreams, or until you want to get up. (But why would you want to?)

* Atheist fanboys may find benefit with Aragorn or Eowen. (But not from their movie versions.)

3 comments for “Reb Cat’s Yoga

  1. 2010.10.17 at 1121

    That’s really beautiful; my most favorite of your recent writings.

  2. Alana
    2019.12.30 at 2213

    I can’t count the times I’ve visualized something similar. It’s very helpful and comforting.

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