Ol’ Thinkypants: Sales and Service


“PEOPLE’D BE A DAMN SIGHT more polite to each other in this country if they had to work a year behind a retail sales counter. At least, all my retailer friends think so.”

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2 Responses to Ol’ Thinkypants: Sales and Service

  1. Kathryn on 2011.05.15 at 1452

    I couldn’t agree more. I have long made a point of being courteous to those on the front line of the Retail world. I never talk on the phone while interacting with them, and thank them for extra effort, such as discovering a damaged item in my basket, or remaining a few minutes after closing time.

    However, I am disappointed with the sizable minority who do not return the courtesy. Even though I try to be proactive when a grocery store cashier fails to greet me, by greeting him first, I often cannot even catch his eye to do so, as he is carrying on a conversation with the cashier in the next booth, never once acknowledging my presence until the perfunctory “thank you” at the end of the transaction.

    I’ve never worked retail for more than a few weeks, and that in my distant past, but I am totally in awe of those who can do it day in and day out without going postal ;-)

    • Neal Ross Attinson on 2011.05.15 at 1728

      Well put. I think, in fact, the original phrase was “going retail.”

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