Bonite a la Maison A.

ALBACORE GETS ALL THE PRESS when it comes to canned tuna, but skipjack is the preference ’round here due to its richer flavor. (Think of it as a “white meat / dark meat” thing.) And the preference for preparing an economical and delicious sandwich of same is as follows:

Drain two cans of pole-caught, no-salt-added skipjack ($2.29 a can at our local Whole Foods). Flake into desired container. Add a few squirts of Tabasco and some fresh-ground black pepper to taste, enough dill relish to provide a nice crunch, and a modest squeeze of anchovy paste. Moisten with sufficient ranch dressing to hold everything together and mix thoroughly.

To serve: Toast some good bread as dark as you like it. Spread one piece thickly with skipjack mixture, top with a leaf or two of romaine lettuce, and top that with the other toast-slice. Cut diagonally and place both halves at an angle on a suitable plate, fill the intervening space with kettle-cooked potato chips, and have at!

2 comments for “Bonite a la Maison A.

  1. Captain Eera
    2023.02.28 at 2000

    Relish is a dealbreaker for me in any kind of tuna or chicken salad. I would also substitute Hellman’s Mayo and a squeeze of lemon instead for ranch dressing.

    • 2023.02.28 at 2109

      Mayo is my dealbreaker. Like the lemon squeeze, though — think I’ll steal it! <3

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