5 Thoughts: EthnoReligiUfology

1. IF YOU DON’T READ THIS carefully, you’ll come away thinking that I think “God” is an alien, Moses a contactee and the Event at Sinai one of the humankind’s first recorded UFO sightings.

2. I really really don’t. But I do “believe” (cf. http://metaphorager.net/four-points-of-contact/) that Something Impressive happened in the Sinai desert 3,200ish years ago.

3. As high-integrity weird-event investigator Jacques Vallee writes, however, it’s difficult for someone schooled in biblical and weirdological literatures (e.g., me; e.e.g., the 1917 “Fatima event”) not to notice apparent parallels between the two classes of experience: e.g., bright lights coming down from the sky, booming sounds and voices, messages of cosmic import, experienced sensations of timelessness, synesthesia, et al. That doesn’t mean the experiences are the same — or that they have the same catalyst or purpose — only that the patterns appear similar.

4. I have no idea what this means. The patterns appear similar — and because I accept the validity (though none of the explanations) of the so-called UFO experience, it’s easy for me to accept the validity of (though not necessarily any particular explanation for) Torah. (For some people, it’s got to be the word of God in order to take it seriously; for me, it’s just got to be Inspired Writing. And it is — and a recognizable-to-me genre to boot.)

5. Really, I have no idea what this means. But if you, like me, incline toward theories philosophical, aesthetic and noncommittal, you might agree that it’s kind of neat to think about.

6 comments for “5 Thoughts: EthnoReligiUfology

  1. 2010.07.19 at 1045

    Darn! For a minute there you had me going.

    • 2010.07.19 at 1624

      In which direction?

  2. 2010.07.19 at 2343

    The “wrong” one, obviously.

    • 2010.07.19 at 2353

      Wait – I think you thought I thought I was just messing around, but I think I’m really on to something more than a funny haha isn’t that cute. There’s that level, yes, but there’s also the level of 1) just where do all these little mass-consciousness leaps come from (other than the Void, of course) and 2) how seriously, do we take our myths and mythologies, 3) why and 4) in what fashion. (My friend Maerian, who may be reading this, is also massively into/blogs on a similar “thing” from a syncreto-pagan angle; my other friend Mark likewise, from an Eastern martial arts perspective. Come to think of it … I seem to know a lot of people like that.)

  3. Richard Attinson
    2022.01.17 at 1007

    Our headaches are gone. Moses brought the tablets.

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