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Each moment is different. Here are some of mine.


EVEN AFTER TEN YEARS, THE memories and pain are still fresh when I think of them. I don’t think of them often. My habit in those days was to check the Ha’aretz news ticker with my morning coffee. “Hmm… soccer…


“BUILDING A BETTER MOUSETRAP IS one thing. Testing it is something else.”

Generational Drift

BY OUR BEST CALCULATIONS, HISTORY began in Sumer when people first started writing things down (there are some examples of probable earlier scripts, but no one’s translated them yet). This would be about 6,000 years ago. Let’s assume twenty-five years…

Putting It In Perspective

GIVEN THE POSSIBILITY OF EARTH’S demise-by-asteroid in 25 years, we at The Metaphorager will be trying to stay awake, aware, conscious, intent, productive, or otherwise engaged for the next days:hours:etc. (Live it up, fellow Earthlings.)

Bicycle Safety 101

THERE IS ONE INFLEXIBLE RULE which, if followed diligently, will result in years if not decades of safe bicycling: Pretend you’re invisible. Now, many get the wrong impression on first hearing this advice — they hear “invisible” and think “invincible,”…

Touching With Words

THE FIRST TIME I DISCOVERED that my words had an effect on other people was when something I wrote made other people cry. The people were my fellow high-school English students, and the topic was a personal essay we’d been…