Why I Love: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

IT’S THE EPISODE-BY-EPISODE CONTINUITY. It’s the attention to detail (even in the direction). It’s the character development. (It’s also the characters.) It’s the insiders-feeling treatment of religious faith. It’s the strong female roles (mostly). It’s the sometimes-complicated political schemes. It’s the merry departure from physics (spaceships don’t swoop and dive, dudes!). It’s the treatment of alien cultures as complex, internally consistent organisms. It’s the realistic chemistry between O’Brien and his wife Keiko. (It’s also the making-fun of the lack of chemistry between Worf and Dax.) It’s watching Nog grow from a juvenile delinquent to an essential and important member of Starfleet. It’s anything that comes out of Garak’s mouth. It’s VIC FONTAINE. It’s the self-absorption of Gul Dukat. (It’s Quark’s equally endless self-interest.) It’s that Kira Nerys is perhaps the greatest female character in television history. It’s watching Jake (Cirroc Lofton) age from child to young adult. It’s the evolution of Odo from a bitter seen-it-all lawman to a life-form who can be warm and loving. It’s the variety and inventiveness of alien worlds. It’s hating on the very rare bad, bad episodes. It’s spotting DS9 actors in other television roles (Gul Evek as Frasier’s Chopper Dave, say). It’s the theme song. And thanks to Netflix, it’s on in five minutes.

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