Why I Love: Cooking

Fig. 1.

IT’S THE QUIET ALCHEMY OF watching ingredients turn into something delicious and nourishing. It’s the knowledge of where my food comes from. It’s the simple pleasure of browsing a well-stocked and -stacked produce display. It’s the adrenaline rush of following an unfamiliar recipe. It’s the guided meditation of following a familiar recipe. It’s the anticipatory process of scrawling ingredients on a shopping list, buying them, unpacking them, staging them. It’s the ritual of interacting with the guy at the butcher/fish/cheese counters. It’s the self-esteem that comes from self-reliance. And it’s a great way to pass the time before dinner!

2 comments for “Why I Love: Cooking

  1. Richard
    2018.07.31 at 1509

    Very well put. A feeling of accomplishing a creation.

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