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  1. 2010.11.29 at 2016

    I don’t believe in any god. I believe we all need worship in some form or another. I need worship in the form of an employer offering me a great job. There are other things, but that’s my current focus.

    You need worship for the incredible writing talent you possess. And other things.

    We all need it.

  2. 2010.11.30 at 0038

    We see ourselves through filters, we see others through filters, we “see” g/d/s through filters too. It’s all limited by what’s understandable and familiar based on our development. We make offerings to our gods (often not understanding what we’re really worshiping – or what we’re really offering) just as our pets bring us dead birds, or our children bring us flowers. Placating. It’s a nice friendly gesture but whether it gets us what we want is another question. What if I didn’t want a dead hummingbird or a sweaty handful of dandelion petals? I have to decide whether to be punitive or compassionate. Little me. I can’t imagine what something as big as g/d/s would think of our sacrificed bits of flesh, paper, and metal. Especially of our time, as we crawl from shrine to shrine or pursue money slavishly and ignore the starving. We are so small, so shortsighted. We just can’t understand enough yet.
    I can only fleetingly touch the concept of “namaste” – the g0d in me sees the g0d in you.

    I LOVE the question, and dear sister Susan’s response, too. xo

  3. 2010.11.30 at 0359

    Well I sure as heck don’t need to worship any god. I mean, unless God is a winsome redhead or something…

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