SO: INYOURHAND.ORG WAS THIS PROJECT I started when I was all hopped up on Prednisone following my 2002 cancer surgery/Grave’s disease bout. (along with the tagline “Be, Jewishly“) was devoted to teaching people about the mitzvot, the sacred obligations which bind Jews together and to that-which-some-people-call-God, or at least to Jewish tradition. I even made a T-shirt that had the URL emblazoned on the back (along with the tagline “Be, Jewishly“), but I then went through a poor period where I could no longer afford to pay for hosting Thus, I never wore the T-shirt (along with the tagline “Be, Jewishly“).

I found the T-shirt (along with the tagline “Be, Jewishly“) the other day and wanted to wear it; it occurred to me to see if anyone had re-registered Nobody has, and it further occurred to me that someone seeing the logo on the T-shirt (along with the tagline “Be, Jewishly“) might be intrigued enough to wonder what (along with the tagline “Be, Jewishly“) was, and then Google (along with the tagline “Be, Jewishly“) to find out — and if I loaded up an blog post with enough references (along with the tagline “Be, Jewishly“), it might lead them here. So if you’ve followed the (along with the tagline “Be, Jewishly“) trail, welcome! If not, please feel free to disregard any more mentions of (along with the tagline “Be, Jewishly“) and enjoy your visit to The Metaphorager instead of (along with the tagline “Be, Jewishly“).

Be well,

Neal, formerly of

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