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… can’t really be named, only experienced.

Another Roadside Definition

FUNNY THING ABOUT DEFINING GOD: Despite the impossibility of the task, it does draw one’s imagination and eloquence (or directness, if you’re lucky). I made a stab at it in http://metaphorager.net/working-definition/, tried to understand my understanding in /four-points-of-contact/ and reflected…

Awe and Inquiry

He looked up. “What are you sketching?” She held out a pad, on which was written: AWE AND INQUIRY God is good. God is. God. . He frowned. “What’s the point?” She grinned. “Exactly.”

Hometown Haiku

Sonoma Plaza. Tree-shaded northwest corner. …is that a fiddle? Morris dancers leap Today! Where a month ago Two Jews laid tefillin! Diff’rent traditions Laughing under the same trees. My town. Sonoma.

Thump, Flutter, Gak

I looked up from the computer, wondering about the “thump.” Then I saw the robin on the patio — fluttering wings outspread, struggling to get up. Outside, through the gate, into the side-yard. “Are you okay?” I asked reflexively. She…

Posse Commentatus

IN THE BEGINNING was the Text. But not for long. The Text – definer and exemplar, authority and comfort, platform and trampoline – was no ordinary collection of words. It spoke of history and possibility, treated miracles as though they…