Tag: There’s a God in My Soup

Religious experience, or at least the experience of religious living.


WANTED TO BE THE FIRST to claim “thinkon” as “a discrete unit of thought,” and so I have. Pbbbt.

Knubel Borscht: Adapting Memory

TUCKED INTO MY GREAT-GRANDFATHER’S BIBLE is a yellowed sheet of paper containing the flavor of living tradition. In short, it’s my mom’s recipe for knubel borscht (pronounced “k’nubble”): beef simmered in beet soup and garlic. That’s it: three ingredients, plus…

Automatic Enlightenment

SET YOUR THOUGHT ON THIS: “I am not this thought.” Full disclosure: I awoke from a thundering dream last night which seemed to involve everyone I ever met and everywhere I’ve ever been, but set mostly between the Renaissance Pleasure…

Unplug: Can You Do It?

LAST NIGHT I DREAMED I was drunk, belligerent and enjoying myself — not a good combination, nor one which I experience (or wish to experience) in real life. The subject of my tirade seems to have been the apologetic and…