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Cult of the Hidden Joke.

21st Century Magritte

Fig. 1.

(Neither is this sentence a comment on your monitor’s display of some pixels or posphor-dots ordered in a JPG file of a digitally manipulated photograph of a blank sign obtained via txt2pic.com, which isn’t even a valid URL anymore. In fact, how do you know you’re reading this?)

Refining Maslow

THE GREAT PSYCHOLOGIST ABRAHAM MASLOW proposed a pyramid paradigm of human needs, ranking their vitality and importance as physiological, safety, love and belonging, esteem and self-actualization. One must satisfy the first in order to be able to secure the second,…

Schrodinger’s Bat

IF THERE ARE UNIVERSES NEXT door to ours, I would swap the one with sentient reptiles for one that’s just different enough — one containing, say, all-new Star Trek episodes with just a wee bit o’ difference. How much would…