Slipping By

IF YOU RECEIVED AN EMAILED post today about my continuing ill health, please know that it was a mistake: while the post is still largely accurate, it actually dates back to May 2010. I have no idea why it went out today to so many people, but it did, which is why I’m writing this update and thanking you for your concern.

“Largely accurate” means that, after ten years of this scat, I’m still having undiagnosed chronic pain and nausea, and attendant “bad days” — some scarily so. But on the good side, I am walking and getting about more than I was then. Yes, I’m still on disability, still in (tentatively managed) pain-and-nausea and unable to sit for long periods, but that latter just keeps me from frittering away my life in a dopamine haze too much Facebooking. I’ve stopped kicking and screaming at my limitations and am mostly succeeding to appreciate the beauty and joy and small happinesses that I do encounter. (Like this blog, say, and your kind responses thereunto.)

Anyway, I just wanted to set straight this online record. I am “bloody yet unbowed” and, all said, I laugh more than I cry these days — and am grateful for every moment. Thank you for letting me share this one with you.

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