Shalom, Mr Chips

IT’S NEVER EASY TO SAY “goodbye” — so I’ll say “thank you” instead.

Due to current synagogue demographics and ill health, I won’t be teaching at Shir Shalom next year. Obviously, I have mixed feelings. But mostly, I would like to thank the parents of this community for allowing me to share the light of Torah and tradition with our next generation of Jews. (I would especially like to thank our now-former education director, Susan Jebrock, for hiring me in 2000.) It’s been a rewarding, terrifying, enlightening, fascinating and instructive 10 years, and both a privilege and an honor for me to serve in this fashion.

Of course, I will continue to be available as a Torah and liturgy tutor (for pre- or post-b’nei mitzvah students). And Ann & I will still hold “France Street Torah study” in our living room on alternate Saturday mornings.

The Talmudic-era Rabbi Chanina said, “I have learned much from my teachers, and I have learned more from my colleagues. But I have learned the most from my students.” Baruch Hashem, praise G?d, for letting me learn that too.

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